Introduction - Department of Hydrobiology


Dear Students, Dear Guests!


At the Department of Hydrobiology, we consider it our goal and task to get your interest in theoretical and practical issues of hydrobiology through lectures and seminars. As a result, we are confident that more and more student will choose the Master's Degree Program of Hydrobiology (in Hungarian) and Water Quality Management MSc (in English) managed by our department, and then - after the graduation - the profession as a Hydrobiologist. In the framework of the Hydrobiology MSc and Water Quality Management MSc, we train hydrobiologists, who are well acquinted with the biological, chemical and physical characteristics of water bodies. They are also able to identify ecological processesin waters, describe the quality of it, monitor changes and develop action programs to improve water quality. During their studies, we place special emphasis on the fact that the graduates will be open-minded to recognize and analyze the arising problems. Then with the use of their synthesizing way of thinking, as well as their communicative, positive relationship-building personality and active professional cooperation to solve them. With the acquired professional knowledge, they should be successfuly get a job, where water or aquatic organisms play a decisive role.


The curriculum and subjects of the Master's Degree in Hydrobiology and Water Quality Management MSc provide an opportunity to involve excellent students as soon as possible in the scientific student work, which has a long tradition at our University, and thus to preapre our students for the research career.


In terms of expanding the educational and research opportunities of our department, we have created off-site departments with which we have active research collaborations and intesively assis students in their professional development. Our off-site departments are:

Based on the above mentioned , we hope that the professional personality and knowledge gained in the 'alma mater' will serve as a compass in their careers.

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